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Put your cross (stitch) in the box


The Artivistas are a politically engaged group of women, and we are passionate about  people  using their vote, make their voice count and feel part of the decision making processes of the country.


During the devolution vote in Scotland in 2015 and the EU referendum in 2016 we witnessed how powerful people are when enagaged in the political arena.


We need to harness this sense of collective belonging. Through the creation of instant collages incorporating quotes to intrigue the viewer, we strive to get people thinking about their VOTE. 



vote craft 4.jpg
vote craft 7.jpg
vote craft 3.jpg
vote craft 2.jpg
vote craft 8.jpg
vote craft 6.jpg
vote craft 10.jpg
vote craft 5.jpg
vote craft 11.jpg
vote craft.jpg
put your cross (stitch) in the box
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