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Protest Banner collective 

Be Noisy; Stay Annoying - Protest Banner Collective UK

Protest is a right, and protest is human. The Government, through the Public Order Bill, operational since May '23, is striving to take away the rights of people to rise up and protest. The police can prevent us protesting, if we are deemed to be “too noisy or too annoying”.

As a participatory artist and political human, I feel compelled to respond to the dismantling of our democratic rights in the only way I know how- through creativity, so we have created the Protest Banner Collective. This approach will democratise protest and encourage solidarity and collective action.  Working with artists from among The Artivistas (a socially engaged group of artists I founded in 2016) we create banners that are available for others to use and fly high. We encourage like-minded and courageous creatives to join with us to create banners for groups and campaigns, to share time, energy and resources. 

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