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Community Arts projects

AMINA women's group- commission

Amina is a women's project set up by women for women. Its aim is to tackle the inequalities we face as women and in particular as minority women. We want to have equal opportunities, access, resources, power and rights. Central to the ethos of Amina is that women collectively are a powerful agency for change and transformation. Amina is a women-centred organisation working predominately in the B8 district of Birmingham. We provide support, training and resources to women. We are committed to taking women's voices from the margins to the mainstream. 

AMINA commissioned Jane Thakoordin to work with a group of local women to create a artist response to the We Love Alum Rock campaign, Sourcing archive photographs of key places and people from the area's past, the participants learned new skills including transfer printing, applique, machine and hand embroidery and painting, as well as forging new friendships and enhancing and enriching their immediate environment . The work hangs in Hutton Hall, Alum Rock.



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