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Birmingham Artivistas 


We formed the Artivistas 2014, originally as the Craftivists. As a collective of local artists and activists we adopted the name Artivistas in 2017 to reflect our leaning to contemporary art and a move away from crafts as the basis of our work.  

Artivism, is simply, political action that uses visual arts  and other creativity to express views and promote social change.  The use of art and crafts for political comment is not new, and the use of art as a tool of political resistance is well documented.  


Our projects are often in collaboration with other organisations. We have collaborated with 

Women's Networking HUB;

MAC arts; Kings Heath Action for Refugees; MIND; GAP Arts; Balsall Heath WI; EU in Brum


check out me and lots of other Artist/Activists talking about the Artivism/ Craftivism and what inspires their work

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